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Arts Council England logo Arts Council England - West Midlands and grant information.

Folk Roots Magazine logo Folk Roots usually features a national and international festival list in the April issue.

Roots Records logo

EFDSS logoThe English Folk Dance and Song Society

For a comprehensive source of tunes and a good music writing/reading programme visit the abc website or Martin Nail's site.

Glosfolk, the organisation that is working to promote folk and traditional music, song, dance and drama, in and around Gloucestershire

Glosfolk -- MySpace

Village Music Project (John Adams)

Nonsuch Dulcimer club with Midlands meets

Hands on Music Weekends (at Witney)

Hobgoblin Music - Birmingham shop now open

The Folk Mag for articles, news and event listings

Living Tradition

Musical Traditions throughout the world

Folklife West

Tradition Magazine

Malc Gurnham has a good site of Midlands folk information Pete Willow - can't find a good link for Pete.

The Folk Mag for West Midlands barn dances - see list or sheets produced by the Midlands EFDSS contacts

Worcestershire events (Mike Walton)

Morris dancing web sites

Youth Music - grants for musical development work with young people. Locally Gloucestershire Folk currently have a grant for getting traditional instruments and music to children in the county.

Reciprocal links to other regions

Lancashire Folk Association

South Folk Diary

Sussex Folk Guide

Mr Red's Mid West (of England /

Reciprocal links abroad

Set Dancing in Ireland - a world directory

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