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The objects of the Federation shall be to promote and advance education in the knowledge and practice of British Folk Songs, Dance, Music and other allied traditional activities and to encourage research into their origins, development and practice and to disseminate any useful results.

Source: West Midlands Folk Federation Constitution.

Coventry Mummers Clubs, festivals, performers or individuals who share our aims are welcome to join the West Midlands Folk Federation.

Our constitution is based on the model recommended by the Charity Commission. Submit an application to one of the officers (if you don't know who to ask as proposers and seconders from WMFF membership contact an Executive Officer and we will help you complete the application form which you can download here ).   An annual subscription is payable (currently 10 pounds) on January 1st.   Ask an officer or e-mail if you would like further details.

Some of the advantages of membership: Promotion, support, sharing...

  • WMFF is your advocate in the West Midlands Arts world and campaigns or addresses matters that affects us
  • This website and allied publicity promotes folk in the region on your/your club's/your event's behalf, gaining you audience or new members
  • Booking enquiries received are passed to Federation members
  • Members have the opportunity to use Loan Equipment which includes a Badge Making Machine ,with an Artwork Guide display boards and spinner, mini disk recorder and Digital Camera.
  • An enormous amount of expertise is available to you
  • WMFF is a ready made network of contacts who can help you in your project
  • A wide variety of performers to choose from for your event
  • Workshops can be supported so you can share your skills or talent with others
  • Friendly fellow enthusiasts who can help get your project off the ground or listen to your problems/ideas
  • You can promote yourself/your club/your event through the Federation and beyond via the mailings, word of mouth, distribution of publicity material via the club members
  • There are small loans available, subject to the submission of your project plans and budget (then feedback) to the Executive for approval
  • This WMFF website will link to your website - or to your details giving you an effective regional web presence. We can also host web pages for you.
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